A Land and Mineral Acquisition Company

Your land and mineral rights are valuable assets. Companies can use surface acreage as farmland, as timberland, or as ranchland. Oil and gas operators lease minerals then drill for hydrocarbons. However, many times operators lease the same minerals over and over, only developing the acreage years – sometimes decades – into the future.

This is where Premier comes in. We offer a lump sum for your land or minerals. Why wait for a company to release your acreage for years on end when you can sell your minerals to Premier and receive the value of those future payments today?

We offer top dollar for minerals thoroughout the United Sates.

To receive an offer from Premier, we need a few items to evaluate your land or minerals:

  • If your mineral rights are leased, then please provide a copy of the lease.
  • If your mineral rights are unleased, then please provide a copy of ownership such as a deed.
  • If you do not have either, please provide location information, including county or parish; section, township and range; abstract; or survey.
  • Also, how many acres do you own?
We evaluate deals within 24 hours of receiving this information.